How it works

What is a free evaluation?

With the option of a free evaluation you will enter a mock lesson with your evaluator. You can enjoy a relaxed, friendly conversation in which your English level will be ascertained. Some questions that will be asked:

  • Tell me where you work and what do you do there?
  • What is your favorite hobby?
  • What time do you normally have dinner?
  • What will you do after your evaluation today?

Where do you rank?

A1 English Level Classes and Exams

Beginner: Simple words or isolated expressions. Very simple structures. Basic grammatical mistakes are made. Student has a strong accent when speaking

A2 English Level Classes and Exams

Pre-intermediate: Sufficient for basic communication. Common short expressions. Basic mistakes with tenses. Must repeat themselves sometimes.

B1 English Level Classes and Exams

Intermediate: Has a good command of basic vocabulary. Slight pausing when choosing certain grammar structures. Wrong pronunciation used sometimes yet easily understandable.

B2 English Level Classes and Exams

Upper-intermediate: Has a good command of basic vocabulary. Student is not searching for words. Student rarely makes mistakes with their use of syntax.

C1 English Level Classes and Exams

Advanced: Hardly any mistakes with word choice. Discourse is fluent and spontaneous. Student is using sophisticated or complex usage of grammar.

C2 English Level Classes and Exams

Fluent / Native: A fluent speaker is able to vary intonation to express nuances in meaning. Accent is perfect.

So what can I expect when I buy a course?

All classes are held in interactive virtual classrooms*. Using our world renowned curriculum you will enjoy an interactive and personalized experience. Expect to boost your confidence in the English language.

* What you need: internet connection, microphone, speakers and webcam (optional)

One-on-one training

The most effective way to pick up a new skill is through the personalized approach of one-on-one training. Forget about learning in a robotic way. Your teacher will be able to give you live feedback and objectives suited to your needs. This helps ensure your objectives are being met in a proactive manner.

Interactive virtual classroom

Schedule flexibility. You can attend classes regardless of your situation. Immediate feedback. You can read and review comments during and immediately after your class, this will keep you informed on your progress so that you can keep on track with your goals.

Tailored learning experience

Different people have different learning styles. Scenarios and examples can be custom tailored to your industry or niche. Rather then having generic examples your tutor will customize your lessons to cover more relevant and impactful information.

Okay, what's the difference?

Wondering which course to choose? All courses are available as either 25 minute or 50 minute lessons and can be scheduled at a time convenient for you.

Standard British

Get comfortable communicating in English. This course is best if you are wanting to improve your conversational English or are interested in expanding your cultural horizons. If you want to improve your general English to internationally accepted standards then this is the course for you.


English is the definitive language of business. In this course you will learn industry related vocabulary, business expressions as well as formal and informal cultural approaches. Your tutor will help you to become confident giving presentations and communicating your business ideas in English.

for Kids

With our child-friendly tutors we will help your child to develop good grammar, vocabulary and a smooth English accent. These courses are a great investment to help your child to integrate into the global village of English.

Our philosophy

Baby steps. When learning a languages for the first time it is normal to make mistakes. Our method is to gently correct and encourage at a pace where you, as the learner, feels comfortable.
Learn English at your own pace


People are like snowflakes, no two are the same. The way one person understands and learns may be completely different, yet just as effective, as someone else's method. This is why at TwoCan English we give attention to the details. Each lesson plan is developed with your goals and your aspirations. That is why you'll see faster results via our personalized lessons than anywhere else!


Confidence - With the TwoCan English approach, we focus on instilling confidence. Confidence is the key to Learning English. Your friendly teacher has been trained to build your confidence in each step of the process. You will also have access to many online learning resources for grammar and vocabulary to practice whenever you want.


Welcome to the Global Village... - Need to travel? Want a better job, a better education? Want to broaden your media intake, make new friends, expand your cultural horizons? – English is essential in today's world. That's what TwoCan English is all about. With our motivational, tailored and effective lessons, we offer package deals on classes that encourages shorter lessons more often.